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Coronavirus (COVID-19)  - Updated 12th April 2021



The Clinic supports the Government response to tackle the Coronavirus, which is underpinned by scientific evidence, the latest escalation of advice published on April 2021 and onwards.


During the current situation, the Clinic has significantly changed its operating procedures to ensure we safeguard yours, our practitioners and the wider community's safety and wellbeing.


The guidance is:


Social distancing measures we should be taken to reduce social interaction between people in order to reduce the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19).


Those who are at increased risk of severe illness from coronavirus (COVID-19) to be particularly stringent in following social distancing measures.


This group includes those who are:


Aged 70 or older

•  Under 70 with an underlying health condition listed below (ie anyone instructed to get a flu jab as an adult each year on medical grounds):

•  Chronic (long-term) respiratory diseases, such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema or bronchitis

•  Chronic heart disease, such as heart failure

•  Chronic kidney disease

•  Chronic liver disease, such as hepatitis

•  Chronic neurological conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis (MS), a learning disability or cerebral palsy

•  Diabetes

•  Problems with your spleen – for example, sickle cell disease or if you have had your spleen removed

•  A weakened immune system as the result of conditions such as HIV and AIDS, or medicines such as steroid tablets or Cancer on Intense course of chemotherapy. radiotherapy, immunotherapy, blood & bone marrow cancer

•  Being seriously overweight (a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or above)

•  Those who are pregnant


As part of our practice as Clinical Soft Tissue Therapists we screen every client at each appointment but please  

Do not attend clinic if you have:


•  A Cold (or)

•  Flu like symptoms 


And the advice to self-isolate yourself and your family for 14 days as per latest Government guidelines

if you have:


•  Continuous Cough (or)

•  Fever

•  Loss  of Smell and or Taste


As advice is changing rapidly we will keep ourselves updated and will act accordingly to comply with the Government and our Professional bodies guidelines.


In the meantime, rest assured that the standards of the Clinic have always gone and go beyond the minimum shown below:


●•  Provide handwashing facilities and antibacterial wash on arrival and gel on leaving

●•  Change all fabrics between every client and then wash at 60 degrees (the towels not the clients!!)

●•  Wash our hands before, during and after seeing a client for more than the recommended 20 seconds plus

●•  Disinfect all rooms, handles, bolsters, couches etc. between clients

●•  Disinfect all clinic surfaces between clients daily and including entry/ exits


As hand washing is so far the most effective protection for the spread of the virus, we ask that any of you attending the clinic wash hands before and after treatment with the handwash/ soap and provided. This has shown to be more effective than antibacterial gel.


We will only allow one client in the clinic each time but will ask clients to remain in their vehicle or safely outside observing social distancing until we come to greet you and ask you to enter the clinic.


We have undertaken and reviewed our Health and Safety Policy and revised our Risk Assessment in relation to

COVID-19 and as such follow the guidence given by Government, Public HealthEngland, HSE, COSHH, CNCH, GCMT, all Governing Bodies and Professional Organisations, in realation to Codes of Practice, Health and Safety, Use of PPE, Sanitisation and all aspect required under the Guidelines to ensure the safety and wellbeing of out Clients/ Patients, Therapists, Tenants and Visitors.


We also want to tell you that we are here to support you.


If cannot make it to The Clinic we are very happy to provide you an online, phone or text service for advice on how to manage your musculoskeletal aches and pains in the meanwhile.


We have also taken advice from OHN Specialist and MHFA England Instructor and are here to not only support your physical wellbeing but as importantly, your emotional and mental health during this period.


We are all part of a loving community and if we have learned something from this situation is that we can cope with anything by supporting each other.


Kind Regards and Best





400dpiLogo[1] Coronavirus Symptom Image staying-covid-19-secure1024_1

Loss of Smell

and or Taste



There will be some changes in the how your appointment will proceed both before and during each session to help ensure both yours and our safety. These will be in place until further notice and ease as guidelines change with advice from government and professional bodies. Although risks are very low, please help us follow and adhere to the following information as the health and wellbeing of our clients is paramount and top priority. We list below some of the changes you can expect.


Before you leave your home, if you believe you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms, please do not attend and contact us as soon as possible to postpone or cancel your appointment.


If you are considered a high-risk client, it may not be possible to have face to face treatment at this time. We will consider, assess and advise on your pre-appointment contact, so please feel free to discuss this with us.


If you are a first-time client, your pre-session consultation will now take place via phone or videoconferencing, rather than face to face and a consultation form emailed for completion prior to the visit. If you are an existing client there will be a short update consultation to see how you have been since pre-lockdown, discuss your needs and whether you have any Covid-19 issues. This will also be via phone or videoconferencing. For new and existing clients, payment will be discussed during your communication.


Whilst the clinic toilet facilities will of course be open, please use facilities at home before leaving to reduce time in clinic.


Please arrive on time and unaccompanied (unless you as under 18, whereby a parent/ legal guardian will be required to be in attendance). Should you need a chaperone to assist you, please contact us in advance. Please wait outside, safely observing social distancing at all times or in your vehicle as you will be greeted and signalled to enter the clinic. Please do not enter the building before as the waiting area is not in use.


There will also be a consent form regarding exposure to Covid-19 that will need completing. (All consultation and consent documents can be emailed, signed and brought on the day or emailed back beforehand). Please bring your own pen with you as it will be required. Also, bring your own water, as currently, we can no longer supply this. Have hand sanitiser with you for use before entry and a face mask or covering to wear throughout your session. Please avoid bringing non-essential personal items or wearing jewellery as this makes the process simpler or kindly leave them safely out of sight in your vehicle.


Upon arrival we will take your temperature using a non-contact thermometer. You will be required to take your shoes off outside the treatment room, wash your hands (drying them with paper towels) to enter the practice room without touching anything. Wearing easy to remove clothes will assist and you will be given a container in which to put them when you undress. Hand sanitiser will then be given to use.


Soft furnishings in the practice room, will be covered by couch roll. Cushions and soft furnishings and non-essentials will have been removed.


The treatment room and couch will have been thoroughly disinfected and linens and face cradles replaced for each client, and you will be encouraged to wear a mask or face covering throughout your session, unless you are exempt.


Your therapist will be using personal protective equipment, which may include mask, gloves, eye protection and apron and amended with advice and changes from Government, Professional and Governing Bodies., This is just for your safety whilst measures are in place. The use of gloves, if required, will not be an issue, as they will not affect your treatment and are not latex should you be allegic.


When your treatment is over, please leave all the linens and towels untouched and avoid touching anything as you leave. We politely ask you to leave the clinic as soon as your session has finished, leaving your mask on until you exit the building. You will be offered hand sanitiser to use and your Therapist will open the exit door for you.


There will be a 30-minute gap between clients, to enable disinfection of the practice space, therapy table and equipment, hallways, doors and toilets facilities etc., with enough time to dry and take effect and to maintain our usual high standards of hygiene. It is advised for everyone's safety, that you register for the NHS Track and Trace app.


Although there is an amount detail above, in operation it is all straight forward and comfortable in practice. We will always aim to make your treatment as effective and enjoyable as usual and we thank you for your assistance.



Kind Regards


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